About Bhumi Products and our mission...
Become a Zero Waste Champion 
"One Mother, One People, One Earth, One Goal, A Greener Lifestyle"

Bhumi Products is a Canadian-based company that has been in operation since 2005.  We are one of the pioneers in the direct wholesale and distribution of compostable food packaging products in North America.  Bhumi Earthware Products are attractive in appearance, strong, versatile, heat resistant and most importantly 100% Bio-compostable.  

We offer the perfect alternative to styrofoam, paper or plastic disposable take-out containers supporting our goal to provide the food service industry, in all of it's global divisions, with bio-compostable products that support their efforts to create a greener planet, in a greener economy. 

Bhumi Earthware Products provide YOU greater choice and access to genuine, high performing environmentally sustainable food service solutions.  Because our products are fully biodegradable and compostable, they can easily be used in most existing municipal organic recycling programs or even in your very own compost system.

You can make a difference by transforming your local stadium, charitable group, community centre, home or office, neighborhood meeting place, restaurant, hotspot or coffee shop to this exclusive use of bio-compostables.  Bhumi makes this transition easy by offering you the best alternative choice to traditional one-time-use, throw-away containers and packaging.

Our direct-to-the-public online catalog has now expanded to include 'Eco Picnic Sets', giving you and your family the best alternative choice for making your next outdoor hike, picnic or special event completely ZERO WASTE. 

Our wholesale order catalog is continuously growing and includes a large variety of eco-tainers, bowls, plates, hot/cold cups and lids, utensils, straws and napkins.  

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Working together we can make a BIG difference! 
Here's how...

In North North America we consume and create millions of tonnes of landfill garbage each year.  A great deal of this waste, mostly plastics, metals and styrofoam, also end up in our oceans.  Much of this can be easily avoided when you implement your own ZERO WASTE CHAMPIONSHIP.  

Build brand loyalty and awareness through your "greening" efforts by associating your business with Bhumi compostable products.  In our efforts to change the way we use disposable food packaging, we offer our exciting line of fully compostable products to the following:

  • government agency's
  • sports and entertainment centres
  • food service operators; caterers, restaurants, cafes, bistros, cafeterias and street vendors among others
  • festivals and other special outdoor events
  • schools & educational institutions
  • parks managers
  • office buildings
  • franchises and business owners
  • hospitals, dentists and medical centres
  • hotels and resorts

Whether it be your home, your place of business or at the local football stadium, working together we can make a big difference. We want to sincerely thank all of our customers for their continued support to protect our environment for future generations one plate, bowl, cup, fork, knife, spoon at a time.

Every choice we make as human beings reveals how much we care for our world.  And yes, we DO have choices.  

"A better world is possible and it is up to us to make it happen"   

-- the Bhumi Products Team        
The rain of styrofoam, plastic, and paper disposable food packaging is OVER.  

We offer cutting edge environmentally friendly products that set a standard for GREEN EXCELLENCE in the compostable disposable food packaging sector.

The use of earth friendly products is not just a matter of "doing the right thing", it is our duty.  We try our very best to do our part; in the products we sell, how we run our business, what we do with our profits and the values we hold.
     Bhumi Earth Products offer cutting edge environmentally friendly products that set the GREEN standard for excellence in compostable disposable dinnerware and cutlery.

Mission Statement

Bhumi Products is one of the first supporters in North America for environmentally based initiatives that promote ZERO WASTE and more effective landfill diversion.  

Bhumi Products are dedicated to helping people and organizations achieve their Zero Waste targets by providing strategic alternative food service packaging solutions.  We acheive this by promoting a complete line of fully compostable, environmentally sustainable manufactured products, using 100% renewable resources, such as Bagasse and PLA.