Bhumi Going Green Fund Raising Programs
Join the 'WE USE' campaign in our efforts to raise money for YOUR CAUSE and help protect our environment one disposable plate, cup, plate, spoon, knife and fork at a time. 

Start a Zero Waste Championship and help your corporation, environmental group, sports team, school group, church or nonprofit organization raise money quickly and help protect the environment all at once.  

Corporate Social Responsibility and YOU

We know organizations must strive to achieve excellence when it comes to operating their business in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner.  Does your firm have a dedicated approach or policy to waste diversion and waste minimization?

One of the goals of our fundraising program is to reduce the quantity and toxicity of trash going into our landfills! Now is your chance to take advantage of one of the most exciting and rewarding opportunities available today! 

The world's attention has never been as focused on taking responsibility for the environment as in recent years.  Every part of society, whether government, business or individuals, is being encouraged to operate in more environmentally friendly ways, to help sustain not only the quality of life we expect today but for generations to come.

Charities have a long established role in this arena, both through the direct work they do to improve the environment and through their own administrative systems.  Charities are increasingly recognizing and responding to environmental concerns.  Bhumi Products offer you a way in which you can become 'greener' by enhancing environmental sustainability and awareness through compostable food packaging.

Here is your chance to earn money for your cause and serve the environment all at the same time.

Our representatives can assist your organization or group to dynamically fund raise using Bhumi Products Eco-Picnic Sets.

If you are an individual and would like to begin selling Eco-Picnic sets for your cause, you'll need to have one of our Bhumi Fund Raising Kits. The Bhumi Fund Raising Kit will include:

  • Samples of compostable food service packages
  • Order forms
  • Posters and other marketing materials
  • Sales tracking system
  • Training & consultation from one of our team members

There are many factors to consider in running a successful fundraising program - these are:

How much money do you seek to raise?
When do you plan to start your fundraising program?
When do you need your funds?
How much capital do you have to work with (materials, labour etc.)?
Who is going to be involved in the actual fundraising activity?
Who will run your marketing campaign and organize the logistics?

Our team can help to answer all these questions and more. 
Contact us for more information!
Earn Money & Protect the Environment 
All At Once 
     Bhumi Earth Products offer cutting edge environmentally friendly products that set the GREEN standard for excellence in compostable disposable dinnerware and cutlery.
Build brand loyalty by proudly displaying this 'WE USE' green foot decal on your window in support of landfill diversion.