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BHUMI is pleased to announce the launch of a groundbreaking Radio Ad.  It's time to spread the word...have a listen
The California Integrated Waste Management Board recently announced the state has reached a 58 percent waste diversion rate by diverting 54 million tons of trash...
The Landfill Blues - music video.
Have you ever wondered where your rubbish ends up? By sea and land almost 10,000 tonnes of municipal waste is transported and dumped into landfills every day. 
Packaging: Takeout Packaging

Bhumi maintains Toronto presence and opens satellite offices in Hamilton Ontario,  Calgary, Alberta and Discovery Bay, Jamaica 
to facilitate expanded growth.

Bhumi makes Global strategic partnerships to offer Full Container Orders.  
(Perfect for customers requiring higher volumes or for individuals or companies wanting to start a distribution business with Bhumi Products)

Bhumi begins developing LANDFILL DIVERSION GLOBAL think tank​

Bhumi releases web radio ad

It's still a lot of garbage - even after "Going green at the ACC".  Could you imagine if ACC used environmentally sustainable Bio-Compostable plates, cups and other service ware?
Video about the proposed incinerator site in Durham, Ontario, Canada, featuring Paul-André Larose, Ph.D.
The Pacific "Trash Vortex" 
Larger than the continental United States. 
"...the levels are increasing, the amount of packaging is increasing... 
the throw-away concept of living is proliferating and it's showing up in the Ocean."  The solution?  Stop adding to it!  Stop The Madness! 
   Bhumi Products introduces the first of it's kind...
a fully compostable
 Hot Drink Lid
We're pretty proud of that!
     Bhumi Earth Products offer cutting edge environmentally friendly products that set the GREEN standard for excellence in compostable disposable dinnerware and cutlery.
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Below you'll find a few featured educational clips of environmental interest - with direct links to their respective Youtube channels.  We will continue to post new and interesting video's, including some of our own productions, over the next few months.  Thanks for taking the time!
Garbage Patches now found in ALL our oceans?
Newly discoveredHow much trash is in our oceans? And does it look more like a floating landfill or a plastic soup? Anna Cummins, co-founder of the 5 Gyres Project, gives Jorge Ribas the facts about her recent trip into the Atlantic Garbage Patch.
Radio Interview-Broadcast from CFMU 93.3, K-Dub Show Click below & listen to Part 1 and 2